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Olark Handbook

Vacation Bonus

What is the Policy?

Every year, as long as you take at least 5 consecutive days off work to unplug from Olark, you get a $1,000 bonus!

The Why:

As part of our commitment to #chill we encourage every Olarker to take some much needed time off throughout the year to rest, relax, and recharge. We want Olarkers to have lives outside of Olark, and to help make taking time off a little more rewarding, we offer a vacation bonus every year!

The Details:

  • Vacation bonuses reset on January 1, and you have the entire year to request it.
  • Vacation bonuses do not roll over from year to year. 
  • Stay-cations totally count! As long as you are taking meaningful time to unplug and recharge away from Olark, a vacation is wherever you make it! 

So, take that well-deserved vacay, explore, unwind, and come back with a fresh mind and a suitcase full of experiences.

Olark Values This Embodies

Chill Out