Manage a more efficient live chat team

Olark makes live chat management easy, with features like chat activity monitoring, message routing, per-agent chat limits, and canned responses to keep your team aligned and on track.

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Real-time agent activity reports

Quickly see each agent's volume and rating, and make more informed decisions about staffing.

Only as many chats as you want

Sometimes things get busy unexpectedly on chat. Setting a limit on the number of chats your agents can be in at one time means they'll be set to away when they hit that limit.

Assigning chats to open agents

We offer two types of chat routing: Round-robin, where each new chat gets assigned to the next available agent; and All Agents, where each chat remains open until an agent responds to it.

Common replies at your fingertips

Cut down on typing time — and fact-checking time! — by saving greetings, links, product pitches, and FAQs as Olark Shortcuts. Your fingers and your customers will both thank you.

Olark's shortcuts feature

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