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Olark Handbook

Charitable Donation Matching & Day of Volunteering

What’s the Deal?

Excited to help your community and give to causes you believe in? We thought you might be. You’re in luck, because Olark offers Charitable Donation Matching and an Annual Day of Volunteering! 

The Why:

At Olark, we value #practicing empathy both in our organization and in the communities we serve. We want to empower every Olarker to do the same, and we love making a difference.

In a Nutshell:

Each calendar year, we will match an Olarker’s donations—up to $1,000 total—to any qualified 501c3 (or international equivalent) charitable organizations. (Part-timers get a match of $500.)

Also, during the fourth quarter (Q4) of every year, we encourage you to take a day off work to volunteer within your local community. We’ll provide full pay and a $100 donation for the cause/organization you chose to volunteer with! 

The Details:

Getting your donation matched or taking a day off to volunteer is fairly simple! Just make sure your nonprofit of choice is qualified under these guidelines. Or pick your volunteer day with your fave organization. Then, just let the right people know and we can get you all settled.

Donation Matching 

  • Check that your organization is a qualified 501c3 (or international equivalent)  
  • Come talk to People Ops about any international organizations you have questions about
  • Make your donation! (Olark will match up to $1000 per full-time employee per calendar year and up to $500 per part-time employee per calendar year.) 

Annual Day of Volunteering

  • Pick any day in Q4 to volunteer with a local or virtual organization.
  • Let your manager know. 
  • Share your volunteering story at a weekly Friday Demo Day! 

Olark Values This Embodies

Practice Empathy
Make it Happen