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Olark Handbook

Gifting Olarkers - Gnome Program

What’s the Gnome Program?

We have secret Gnomes (or Gnomies) in our team who send out treats from time to time. These can be in the form of sweet or salty treats, gift certificates, donations to charities, or other presents. 

The Why:

We not only want to support, thank, highlight, and celebrate Olarkers, but also add some fun and mystery to our days! And it’s a form of #chill that recharges us and reminds us to play. Can things really be too serious when Gnomes are running around? We think not.

In a Nutshell:

You can expect a gift—or charitable donation—for your annual Olarkiversary (work anniversary), but the Gnomes will often surprise Olarkers with other unexpected gifts throughout the year. To build the anticipation, you know?

The Details:

The Gnomes started many years ago and is a beloved tradition. Gnomes inject a dose of fun and humor into our daily work. Every year, our Head Gnome sends out a call for more Gnomes to join the Gnome Committee. No one knows who the Gnomes are (except for that year’s cohort, of course). Gnomes are deep undercover. Gnomes are everywhere. But in a good way…

As part of the process, the Head Gnome also sends out an annual Gnome Survey to all Olarkers to get our preferences when it comes to gifting and donating. 

Some of us prefer that all celebrations take the form of donations to our preferred charities, other Olarkers prefer gifts and have wish lists. And others just want to be surprised; it’s one of the best parts! Whether you’re a Gnome or the beneficiary of their gifts, we suspect the program will add a little magic to your time at Olark!

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