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Agent Activity

Agent Activity (Summary)

This view provides an overview of important agent metrics. You can see which agents are online in real-time, look at average response times, see the total number of chats and more.

Agent Activity

Administrators can view information for all agents on their account, while agents can only view their own data.

Selecting a date range will update the averages summary boxes. Each average has a typical value to compare against. Depending on the date range chosen, the typical value will be for a particular weekday, week, month or custom date range.

If you don't see any typical values listed for a given date range, it's likely because your account is too new to have historical data, or because you did not have any chats during that period.

Group filters display data for chats that were assigned to that group using Targeted Chat rules or the JavaScript API. For example, if an agent is part of a 'Sales' group on your team, but the chat was not assigned to that group, it would not appear when filtering by group.

You can confirm whether or not a chat was assigned to a specific group on your Transcripts page. For example, you'll notice that this chat was assigned to a Marketing group:

Marketing Group Example

Agent Activity - Availability

Next to the bold Agent Activity header, click Availability to see when an agent was available, away, or away due to hitting their chat limit.

Agent Timeline Example

Users can view what proportion of their online activity was spent as either available or away. This is calculated based on the time an agent is logged in to the Olark chat console or third party chat client.

Note: Data is available from May 14th 2017. Previous dates are disabled in the date picker.

Data calculations

Typical values

The Typical values use the previous six periods. The rolling typical period ensures you aren’t comparing your stats to time ranges so far back they no longer accurately represent your typical data. For example, if your team has grown in size, it may not be useful to compare current data with data from when the team was smaller.

Chat Volume

Chat volume shows the total chats that occurred for the selected date range and group/agent filters. The typical value is an average of the total chats that occurred in the corresponding previous periods.

Median Chat Duration

Median chat duration is shown for chats within the selected date range and filters. The typical value is an average of the medians for the corresponding previous periods. We display the median instead of mean chat duration so that anomalous durations don't skew your impression of how long chats usually take.

Chat Rating

Average chat rating received (scale 1-5) by this agent. Ratings for individual chats are the average of whichever questions a visitor answered in the post-chat survey.


This shows the breakdown of an agent's status during the time they are logged in to chat. The proportions indicate how long an agent was either set to available or away.

Response time (sec)

Median number of seconds elapsed from when each visitor sent the first message in a chat until this agent responded. Excludes chats initiated by this agent.

Missed chats

Number of times during the selected date range where the agent received a message from the visitor but did not respond within 5 minutes.

CSV Report

The CSV report contains three types of files:

  • Team summary
  • Individual agent logs
  • Explanatory readme file
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